Oxygen Care Starts with Safety

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, essential to life. Although it is very safe to have in your home, it does have the potential to be hazardous in careless hands. Oxygen is nonflammable but it does support combustion. Materials burn more readily in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

Oxygen Safety Tips:

  • No Smoking in the presence of oxygen. A No Smoking sign is provided and should be posted to ensure this
  • All open flames (matches, candles, fire places, ect.) should be eliminated from the room where your oxygen is being used or stored
  • Keep grease or oil products and flammable materials away from the oxygen equipment
  • Clean equipment regularly
  • Always use kink resistant tubing.
  • Always follow your doctor’s prescription exactly
  • Plug the concentrator into a grounded outlet
  • Ensure that no other appliances are on the same circuit as the concentrator
  • Keep cylinders secured at all times
  • Do not allow persons who have not been instructed in how to use the oxygen equipment to operate it
  • Do not tamper with or try to repair or fix the equipment

Traveling With Oxygen

* Please be aware that Chinook Respiratory Care cannot accept any responsibility for customers using high-pressure cylinders in the vehicle.

If you choose to transport cylinders in your car please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Make sure that cylinders are kept secured and free from any articles that may roll around them
  • Make sure that there are not any flammable materials in the vehicle
  • To prevent oxygen build up it is recommended that a window be slightly opened
  • Never leave cylinders stored in vehicle for long periods of time
  • In extreme temperatures the safety valve may rupture and cause oxygen leakage, explosion, or fires

More information on Travelling with Oxygen

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