Portable Oxygen Concentrator Operation

Chinook Respiratory Care carries several portable oxygen concentrator models, which are small and capable of continuous use for travel and mobile environments.

To Turn the POC On:

  • Gently press anywhere on the touch screen so that it is illuminated, and you can see the battery symbol.
  • Touch the on/off symbol within 5 seconds to turn on the machine. Please note the “double touch” feature prevents unwanted starts.

 To Adjust the Flow Setting

  •  first touch the large number in center of the screen. An up/down arrow will appear.
  • To increase the flow, press the up arrow.
  • To decrease the flow, press the down arrow.

Connect Nasal Cannula to the oxygen outlet on the top of the machine and position on your face.

To Turn Your POC Off:

  1. Gently press anywhere on the touch screen
  1. Touch the on/off symbol, you must also press the symbol again (a 2nd time) within 5 seconds to turn off the unit. The “double touch” feature prevents unwanted stops.
  1. When not using your POC, plug in the machine to ensure the battery is charged.

To Charge your Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

  1. Connect the output cable (AC power cord) to the power inlet, found on the side of the unit.
  2. Plug the power cord into a grounded outlet. (Do not use an extension cord.)
  3. The cooling fan will turn on when the machine is plugged in and the batteries are charging: this is normal.
  4. When charging is complete, you may disconnect the power cord and store for later.
  5. You can continue to use your POC while it is plugged in and also when it is charging.

Battery Duration Times (*APPROXIMATE)

Flow Setting                Rate of 20 BPM

1                            12 hours

2                            8 hours

3                            6 hours

4                            4 hours

5                            4 hours

6                            4 hours

To Turn the Alarm Off:

  1. Gently press alarm (bell symbol) on the touch screen.

NOTE: NB means unit recognizes “No Breathing” and may begin to alarm.

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